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What is the empty boat cult?

The Empty Boat Cult is a repository for what I've learned about the Buddha's teachings.
I parse these ideas in ways I find approachable and share these writings on this website.
This allows them to be easily accessible no matter where I am.
Perhaps I'll even find this repository in another lifetime, should I live another life without access to a genuine teacher.
If you'd like, you're welcome to read what I've written here. Maybe it will help you!
You could even join my cult :)

Who is Dhūmamaya?

I am no Buddha. I am no monk.
I am no tertön, no siddha.
I am only a lowly layman, an upāsaka.

I was studying to be a Buddhologist, but dropped out of graduate school because I was losing my mind. Eventually, I converted, and began practicing Buddhism instead of just studying it. I have no authority by which to teach, so I encourage you to take what I say on this website with a grain of salt. Scrutinize everything I say and use your best judgment.