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The Dharma

Dharmachakra with two deer

The Four Noble Truths

The Buddha's first and most important teaching, with all the necessary background information.

Visual Aid - Sensory Process Chart

A visual aid to accompany "The Four Noble Truths," roughly demonstrating the sensory process which is central to the Buddha's teachings.

Sutta Directory

(Work-in-progress) A directory for the Buddha's sermons, featuring summaries and links to full translations.

The Buddhist Political Ideal

An exploration of the Buddhist suttas, as well as a brief look at Indian history, in order to find an ideal political theory.


These pages contain summaries of Buddhist teachings written by Dhūmamaya.
Dhūmamaya is a lowly lay practitioner. He is no lineage holder.
All information is presented as understood by him,
and any flaws which may be present are reflective only of his defiled mind,
and not of the Buddha's perfect wisdom.